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Homebuilders have the difficult job of being subject to extensive attention to detail on any work performed on their projects. There is no other situation where detail is so important. The homeowner often visits the site on that sold pre-construction and offers up the potential for issues if our work is not in perfect condition, with exceptional craftsmanship.

Too often less than respective contractors make it into the home building market to cause a wide variety of issues, mostly due to quality and or window bands that are not quite straight and or level/plumb. Or there is a noticeable difference in the texture of the home. Sometimes you can almost count the plasterers that performed the work, through the rough finish coat on the home. Another problem area is the proper installation, usually dealing with the expansion and or caulk joints needed at any termination.

Builder Reputation is a little more difficult to maintain, one bad house will haunt a builder for years to come. Usually, as in Greenwood as well as other areas, there is a tight ring of builders in a specific area who perform all the work. We go out of our way to check, and recheck everything on residential construction. When our project earns the status of complete it will be a home you absolutely want people to see.

One of our favorite homes is in the Walnut woods addition off Smith Valley road in Greenwood, this home had issues during construction, leaving the homeowner with a design that simply would not fit the frame of the home. Indiana Wall Systems re-designed the exterior details and applied a flawless exterior, that more than stands out in the addition. This home stands as a testament to the fact that our work is, and always will be, second to NONE in quality, appearance, and correct application. You will find NO rough finish on our projects, or bands, or other details that are placed out of whack and noticeable. One drive through any housing addition with a close eye on the detail, and finish portion of the E.I.F.S. (Exterior insulation finishing system) homes, will leave you knowing exactly what we are speaking of.

Indiana Walls believes we can produce better quality for a better price on every home.  We have witnessed the rise and fall of many fly_by_night contractors, either here from other countries, or small pop-up and fall, local outfits, who come into the market and slam 3 or 4 homes and vanish, leaving a trail in a housing addition that a trained eye can drive through and count.

Indiana Walls will work closely with the homebuilder to meet his or her expectations every time. We are quick to recognize and solve any problems we encounter during the construction process. And we work hard to get your home done on schedule. Every home is a work of art, great effort goes into the design and construction process. A homebuilder can exceed every aspect of designing and planning, as well as see the construction process all the way through in perfect form, but without quality work, and artistic craftsmanship on the finished portions of their home, all is in vain.

Indiana Walls is seeking a select few homebuilders, with pride in their work, and have a higher standard in every trade of the homes they build. We are looking to develop, and retain an ongoing relationship insuring our future work with these builders. We are ALWAYS open to changes mid-stream per homeowner request on detail, or texture. We treat every home as if it were our own, and plan to extend our portfolio to limits never seen in terms of quality, and artistic craftsmanship, with very fine attention to detail on our residential work.

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