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Our portfolio speaks volumes, as does our reputation of fair, honest, world-class quality service and craftsmanship.

Indiana Wall Systems

Indiana Wall Systems always takes the least invasive, most practical, and cost-effective approach to EIFS repair. (Exterior Insulation and Finish System)

We take steps to identify any problem areas and draft a solid plan that will include no hassle, no hidden fee, and an absolute resolution approach to your repair. We also walk our customers through the process step by step, leaving no room for surprises, and delivering an eye-catching wall for years to comeIndiana Wall Systems is a fully certified EIFS contractor. Our work is shrouded in pride, and filled with integrity! Standing behind our work Well Beyond Our Competition, producing some of the most beautiful Exteriors in the country. Our portfolio speaks volumes, as does our reputation of fair, honest, world-class quality service and artistic craftsmanship.


Guaranteed 10-Year Warranty



Anyone who knows EIFS, knows the broad range of quality produced by varying contractors. Some contractors, even still yet today, just cannot get these applications down correctly. Or they are driven in such a production frenzy, they leave substantial problems for any later owner of the projects they have “completed”. We urge anyone considering EIFS/repairs to get out and view the previous work by any EIFS contractor they are considering. These products can cause substantial problems when applied incorrectly. Too many people have been blindsided by astronomical repair costs. Never accept one opinion or price! Always have a third-party inspection! Get educated if you have EIFS, and protect yourself and your home.


New Construction Residential

New Construction Residential features in-house design conceptsextreme quality control, an artistically based application process, and professional execution of our work. We maintain an open-minded approach and a willingness to assist and satisfy our customers through our flexible “not in stone” policy. Our application methods, unique to Indiana Wall Systems, have been systematically adapted over the years to increase strength, durability, and wall life, as well as to prevent natural damage such as hail and moisture damage. We handle both new and existing chimney work, ranging from plain EIFS chimney work to extensive detailing comprised of multi-textured, multi-colored, multi-detail stepped concepts. We also offer interior fireplace concepts and designs in thin-coat, Venetian, Italian, and Greek plaster. Our safe, beautiful, eye-catching, and unique designs add to the beauty of any home interior.


Large-scale unitized commercial, Industrial projects

Large-scale unitized commercialIndustrial projects. From sign wall repair to complete building re-face projects. Traditional interior high-quality molding plasters, and thin-coat plasters. Traditional Stucco New Construction and repair/upgrade Paying close attention to the problem areas not yet known in the specifications of yesteryear. Such as wood-to-stucco transition issuesproper expansion placement for the climate in which the stucco is being applied, as well as the introduction of synthetic components, making the stucco of today much more durable and less prone to staining, cracks, and delamination. These newly formulated upgrades to traditional stuccos leave homeowners with a very attractive exterior that lasts for many years, without painting.


In-House Design/World Class Concepts & Capabilities/Global Possibilities/Professionalism

In-House Design/World Class Concepts & Capabilities/Global Possibilities/ProfessionalismCultured Stone interior/exterior designs are also available. Many of the newer, more modern designs that really catch the eye, are cultured stone interior design concepts, as well as cultured stone interior design concepts, as well as cultured stone and EIFS combination designs. Some of these custom designs today, really bring forth a unique, outstanding, artistic look, while catching attention and offering real-world class curbside appeal to the market like never before. These two materials, when applied correctly, really offer benefits that are easy to see from a year down the road, to decades from initial construction, by offering a super strong lower wall (stone) and a beautiful, lightweight, exponentially insulative upper, all while remaining tangible enough to capture any look, from old world German and English construction to modern California style concepts.

Cultured Stone/Plaster Interiors

Cultured Stone/Plaster Interiors are also beyond reproach, in terms of design tangibility, from rustic to castlisticancient to modern, and modest to fancy. The sheer technology applied to these newer products and the generated increase in performance and workability, as well as application range, are far exceeding the materials of yesteryear. With major extensions in wall lifeimpact resistancemold, and stain repelling, other contaminants repelling abilities, and increased incidental moisture resistance to name a few. Indiana Wall Systems is an Authorized Centurion Stone dealerCenturion far exceeds any other manufacturer in terms of design and product quality, with a proven Strength of 7,849 psi, which is thousands of pounds stronger, per square inch, than any other stone! Our dealer status offers up significant savings to our customers through direct sales, on every cultured stone project we estimate. Our warranty is combined with Centurion Stone’s 50-year warranty! offers a real piece of mind in the decades following any work we perform.


D Ray Decor, Greenwood Indiana, Close-Ups

D Ray Decor, Greenwood Indiana, Close-Ups – Showing perfect finish aggregate behaviorstraight linesaccents, and professional terminationsAward-winning exteriorsworld-class referencesprofessional service, and a reputation far above & well beyond the rest. We not only offer, but rather simply INCLUDE our unmatched 10-YEAR WARRANTY with any work we perform.


Brick Restoration and Tuck Pointing

Not all brick restoration is created equal. Many contractors claim a power wash and tuck-pointing is all you need, but this can lead to cracking and peeling mortar down the road. Proper brick restoration requires identifying and using the right materials and methods like wall anchorsexpansion joints, and mortar mixes for solid bonding and longevity.

Our expertise in historic brick restoration combines artistry with proprietary techniques like hands-on scrubbingchemical mixtures, and sealing for results that stand the test of time. Our stunning brick restoration projects with brickwork look as pristine as the day it was built, even decades later. Trust us for lasting, beautiful brick restoration.

Exterior insulation and Finish System

Exterior insulation and Finish System (EIFS) is a general class of non-load bearing building cladding systems that provides exterior walls with an insulated, water-resistant, finished surface in an integrated composite material system. In Europe, systems similar to EIFS are known as External Wall Insulation Systems (EWIS) and External Thermal Insulation Cladding Systems (ETICS).

EIFS has been in use since the 1960s in North America, first on masonry buildings, but since the 1990s the majority on wood-framed buildings. Water seepage has historically damaged buildings, prompting expensive legal battles. Our recommended systems incorporate drainage planes that divert water down and away from cladding.

Professional EIFS and Stucco Restoration

Expert crews properly install EIFS systems and synthetic stuccos using foam boards, acrylic base coats, and textured EIFS finishes. We patch or replace any damaged areas, fixing cracked coatings or deteriorated foam in order to restore the surface. Careful edge work ensures proper barriers and transitions around windows, doors, and other adjacent materials. Our restoration process removes any compromised sections, prepares the underlying surface, then matches the original finish texture and color with fresh brushed-on acrylic coatings.

Routine maintenance helps ensure EIFS systems remain in good condition over time. Annual inspections identify potential trouble spots for repair before bigger issues arise. Proper installation combined with ongoing repairs as needed keeps these exterior claddings looking like new for years. Our services ensure your EIFS system or synthetic stucco stands up well against the elements.

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