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Caulking Repair and Stucco Repair Estimates from Top EIFS Contractor

Caulking is a very important component of the EIFS systems and is closely integrated into overall system integrity and performance. EIFS product manufacturers have more often than not, proved that failing conditions within the EIFS systems, as being caused by, and or associated with, failing caulk.

Inspecting your caulking is the best way to protect against the apparent issues associated with incidental moisture intrusion upon the sub-straight. Failing to recognize and correct failing caulk can, will, and has caused biodegradation up to the structural level of construction.

Seeing a small crack or gap between your caulking and EIFS wall system today could very well lead to significant structural damage in the not-to-distant future. Over cladding, a biodegradable sub-straight such as wood or gypsum, with a synthetic cladding such as EIFS, and allowing water to enter, is a recipe for disaster.

Indiana Wall Systems offers free caulk inspection. We will identify any and all issues associated with your caulking, and remove, repair, and replace failing caulk in any situation. Indiana Wall Systems also offers any caulk joint/expansion joint detail recommendations that may apply to your situation. Educating you, the customer, on exactly what the manufacturer recommends for your specific detail.

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