Brick Restoration Repair Services

Get Professional Advice First for Brick Restoration/Tuck-Pointing

Brick takes a beating over the years, dulling, and losing its appearance due to elemental exposure, mold and mildew attachment, sun fade, and wind/water/air erosion. There are many steps to properly restoring historic brick. Indiana Wall Systems will take samples of your mortar mix to identify its exact composition thereby isolating any contributing factors to any and all failures that have accumulated over the decades. Very often we find the sole contributing factor is too much or not enough sand used in the original mix, causing a very weak mortar mix to erode at an even greater rate, producing a chalk-like, soft, dusty, and very dry mortar that has caused brick movement, cracks, loose walls and a wide range of problems. Indiana Wall Systems will take an industry-standard approach to identify any and all needed expansion and control joints to achieve maximum wall performance, and allow proper expansion/contraction to your brick, block, and stone wall systems.

There are a good number of contractors out there who will tell you all you need is a good power wash and tuck-point to restore your brick. These types of contractors have not taken the time to do their research before making claims as such. going directly over the top of old Mortar with new store-bought mortar mixes will leave you in the same situation a year down the road with the new issue of cracking and peeling of the newer mortar. Proper identification and procedure are everything when it comes to brick restoration, proper bonding between the mortar coats during tuck-pointing can mean the difference between a project that looks good for another 8 to 10 decades, and a project that needs help once again a year down the road. If your contractor has not mentioned wall anchors, expansion and contraction control joins, Mortar mix identification, solid bonding procedures, and or proper sealing, along with their “Power wash” and “tuck-point” you may want to reconsider before investing.

Old historic Brick should look as good as the day it went up after restoration. We know this is possible because we have executed many historic brick restoration projects achieving the exact end result we were aiming for. Proper washing, chemical mixtures, unique methods of hands-on scrubbing, proper bonding, and material mixes combined with a detailed and artistic work ethic has produced some of the finest brick restorations in the country. Viewing one of our projects 5,10 or even 15 years down the road stands as a testament to our success in brick restoration, treatment, and sealing.

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