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Indiana Walls uses the correct mixes, combined with the exact methods of application to repair the older plasters. We never substitute "Drywall" and or its components to re-surface, re-place, or repair historic plaster.


All of our mixes are Hand mixed on-site with all the original isolated dry components and the correct amount of water and sand to insure a wall that meets and or exceeds the specifications of yesteryear. Interior plaster is always an art, The fine attention to detail found on some of Indiana's interiors is second to none in the country.

"Plaster is expensive" is a MYTH! , most of the time, our estimate is well below what a drywall contractor was going to charge to completely ruin the character and historic value of a home. Most of the time, the house has settled everywhere it can,  by the time we look into re-facing the wall. Leaving us with the perfect canvas for a simple bonding agent and a new finish coat that will not again go through the settling process your home has endured. We always use the original limes and gauging gypsum plasters. 


Call (765) 341-6020 for a Free Estimate

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