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Hotel Managers have to be careful when seeking a quality contractor for repairs and upgrade work. With real-world class experience on a great many of these, oftentimes large-scale repairs. We at IWS have seen firsthand the sheer volume of differences in pricing between contractors estimating the exact same scope of work. It is not uncommon to see a hotel management firm pay out a quarter of a million dollars on a repair that is perfectly attainable within prices far less impacting on today's budgets, without any reduction in quality, project duration, and or warranty specification. IWS has years of completed Hotel re-face/repair/new construction projects throughout the Indiana/Kentucky area. Our pricing methods are based solely on two decades of experience executing these repairs and upgrades.


Curbside appeal. IWS recognizes the need for high-end curb appeal in the hotel industry. Many customers make decisions based solely on the outside look of the Hotel. We take exceptional steps to insure a beautiful, straight, uniform, quality wall. All of our work will be executed with a complete overview of the manufacturer of the products we are using. Each and every project we contract is refined to an exact science in terms of methods and pricing, to insure the max amount of overall benefit, to the least invasive level of repair. Stains and small bubbled areas, and even some cracks can be repaired with much less invasive methods than typically used by many of today's exterior contractors. With manufacturer oversight, our experience in the field, as well as our willingness to stand behind our work with a full ten-year warranty, far exceeding the warranties offered by any of our competitors, we simply offer a piece of mind and solid assurity, as well as a comprehensive view of these projects in layman's terms, presentable to any Hotel Management team in the Country, both pre-construction (budget pricing), during and post project recap.


We develop and maintain ongoing relationships with many Hotel Management firms. We treat our customers fair, we identify any and all problems BEFORE we price out our work, eliminating hidden, unforeseen cost and their negative effects on today's restrained budgets. IWS has also adapted to better fit the needs of hotel management firms by working very closely with our customers over the last decade, encapsulating needed products and services,  offering up a more complete repair, while remaining within a singular, solid, well-detailed and accurate pricing format, and repair plan, assuring our customers the lowest possible impact to their budget.

IWS also pays close attention to the work throughout the process. Generating a detailed weekly report, making the total project viewable from all angles in terms of progress location, actual methods being used, manufacturer recommendation and review, as well as level of the repair being applied in each individual area, in a format highly compatible with today's hotel management teams and oversight functions.  IWS also takes every possible step to insure little to no guest disturbance by offering 24/7 availability for actual work execution, with specific awareness of loud or disruptive work having been identified, as well as fit into a proactive timing schedule. DAILY safety inspections to insure absolute safe entry/exit and environmental conditions for Hotel Employees/Guests as well as IWS Staff.


In such a stark economy, hotel management firms run the elevated risk of being subject to costs that are simply not warranted. Often times these repairs are taken entirely too far, for the sole benefit of the exterior repair contractor. At IWS we identify the exact material used on the original application, Make a careful, detailed evaluation of the methods used (many of which have since been banned by many manufacturers) as well as look closely at factors such as

- How long ago was this exterior applied.

- What were the weather conditions/temps during the original application

- Who exactly applied this product

- A specification study to identify any and all changes to the product

- Identifying what type of damage are we dealing with

- Identifying the exact source of the damage.

- Develop a proactive, least cost to max benefit approach to the repair.

Often times a very small percentage of the actual damage is visible on the exterior, while the walls and structural components are in an advanced stage of water damage, producing mold, mildew, and weakening the structure. These walls do fall off the building eventually. Having caused auto, and other forms of property damage as well as personal injury. When water damage is visible on the exterior finish, it's always best to have a detailed evaluation of the complete exterior to check for delaminated and or weakened walls, especially on soffit and entry areas.


IWS will identify your exterior manufacturer and schedule an inspection with the manufacturer rep on-site before pricing out any of these repairs in question. When these exteriors are not applied properly, and/or roof failure allows incidental moisture behind these products, extensive damage can reach advanced stages in less than two years. Experts from all levels of the field regularly debate the permeability (ability to breathe and dry out) and the actual dew point location of these products. With a broad variable contributing factors field, fueled by subtle changes in contractor method, and application design, as well as existing structural construction variables, and geographical location. These applications need to be inspected on an individual basis. A small change on one project to protect it just may cause serious damage to another. Improper expansion joint location is a typical factor causing delaminated walls, cracks, and separations among other failures. Flashing that has been installed incorrectly, makes up a large percentage of the water damage projects we repair. Many times flashing has been installed but fails to meet EIFS specifications, and falls short of the level of water protection needed. EIFS installed without regard to E.I.F.S. (Exterior insulation finishing system) manufacturer recommendations and specifications, also make up a large percentage of water damage and repairs we encounter, further increasing the importance of awareness in terms of project EIFS installation, and repair inspection, supervision, and application monitoring. We are a S.C.O.R.E. Advised Company.


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